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Freestyle Concert Event

Freestyle & Old School Extravaganza at the Webster Hall in New York NY on November 29th 2008

Event Title: Freestyle & Old School Extravaganza

Your Host Sal Abbatiello of Fever Records Presents:

A Freestyle Concert Event taking place in New York, New York.
When: Saturday, November 29, 2008 (Thanksgiving Weekend).
Where: Webster Hall.
Address: 125 East 11th Street
New York, NY, 10003
Time: Doors Open at 10:00pm.

More Information About This Event

Admission Price: Advance Tickets are $25.00 for the first 1000 people.
Advance VIP Access Tickets are $50.00
Event Type: Live Music Performers.
Call (914) 725-0011 or E-mail FeverRecords at fevermusic(at)aol(dot)com
For bottle & table service call Christina at (646) 714-5557
Must be ages 19 & older to party & 21 to drink. Casual attire is a must.

Live Performances by Music Recording Artist's:

  • Judy Torres
  • Performing her Classic Freestyle Hits:
    • No Reason to Cry
    • FaithFully
    • Come Into My Arms Baby

  • Coro
  • Performing his Classic Freestyle Hits:
    • Where Are You Tonight
    • Can't Let You Go

  • Lisette Melendez
  • Performing her Freestyle Hit Songs:
    • Together Forever
    • Day In My Life

  • George Lamond
  • Performing his Classic Freestyle Hits:
    • Bad Of The Heart
    • Without You
    • Don't Stop Believing

  • TKA & K7
  • Performing their Freestyle Tracks:
    • Come Baby Come
    • Maria
    • Scars Of Love
    • One Way Love

  • Noel
  • Performing his Old School Freestyle Classics:
    • Silent Morning
    • Like A Child

  • Rob Base
  • Performing:
    • It Takes Too
    • Joy & Pain

  • DMC (of Run DMC)
  • Performing:
    • Walk This Way
    • Sucka MC's

  • Slick Rick
  • Performing:
    • A Childrens Story
    • Mona Lisa

  • The Real Roxanne
DJ's Mixing:
Music by NYC's Hottest DJ's


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